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Jemil’s in the Press

Who does food for the ULTIMATE Super Bowl party?!?!?! Get Jesse says “JEMIL!” Catch the KING 5 spot here.

From Seattle Weekly
"Chef Jemil has been wowing food truck eaters with his New Orleans southern-styled fare since he rolled onto the food truck scene eight months ago. With some of the fastest fulfillment times, he and his crew have been known to pump out po’ boys at a pace matching champion eater Kobayashi’s hot dog ingestion." READ MORE

Serious Eats Raves About Our Blackened Shrimp Po’ Boy
"Each bite of shrimp provides a pop of freshness, like a breath of fresh air-conditioning after a humid southern afternoon. Pickles push back at the sweetness of the shrimp, while the overly chewy bread makes everything squirt out the bottom of the sandwich. A clean eating sandwich this is not, a masterpiece of shrimp cookery it is." READ MORE

Seattle Weekly Food trucks are finally having their day in Seattle, and Jemil’s Big Easy’s authentic Cajun cuisine, complete with po-boys, muffaletas, gumbo, and jambalaya, is giving Where Ya At, Matt? a run for his money." READ MORE

From Thrillist
"The idea of taking something from New Orleans and bringing it to Seattle is a good one, though normally it requires going through an arduous arena approval process, kissing David Stern’s ring, and pretending to get excited about potentially rooting for dudes named Marco and Greivis. Importing something only slightly less ambitious than the Hornets, Jemil’s Big Easy. " READ MORE

Seattle Met Magazine At press time this one had just opened. Captaining the kitchen is New Orleanian Jemil Aziz, co-owner of now-closed Central District favorite La Louisiana; managing things is fellow Blue Ribbon culinary school instructor Julie Little." READ MORE