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What could be easier and more fun than a Cajun feast brought to your door? When Jemil’s Big Easy rolls up, all you have to do is let the compliments roll in!
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The Best of New Orleans Delivered to You!

By far the easiest way to throw a partee! We’ll bring the food, and you provide the guests. Cajun food reheats easily so we can even drop your food off the day before!

We have a minimum $400 for drop-off catering, plus 15% gratuity and 9.5% Washington State sales tax. (We gotta pay it so we gotta charge it.) There is a delivery charge outside Seattle.


Menu options include:

• Red Beans and Rice: $3.25/person GLUTEN-FREE (Vegetarian Option Avail.)

• Jambalaya Spicy rice is jumbled together with chicken and smoked sausage, tomatoes, garlic and peppers—a true Cajun classic!  $5/person GLUTEN-FREE

• Gumbo, a spicy stew served over rice with chicken and smoked sausage, this is the definitive Louisiana dish.  $6/person

• Etouffée and Rice. Etouffée literally means “smothered” in Creole sauce (a roux with celery, green bell peppers, onions and spices) with your choice of: Vegetarian:$5   Chicken: $5   Shrimp: $6.50  Crawfish $7/person

• Blackened Chicken or Catfish: $4.50/person (Or order half and half for a choice for your guests.)

• Cornbread or Hushpuppies (with sauce:) $1.25 /(2 pups each!)

• Greens: $3.25/person (vegetarian or smoked turkey)

• Spicy Cajun Mac and Cheese: $3/person   —With crawfish: $4/person

• Cajun Salad:
(Tossed greens with tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, handmade croutons, creole dressing) $2/person

• Jemil's Pasta Monique
Creamy Cajun Penne Pasta with Special Sauce, Tomatoes, Spinach and Mushrooms.
With Crawfish: $6/person, with Chicken $5/person, Vegetarian: $5/person.

• Tipsy Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce: $3/person

• Jemil's Peach Cobbler: $3/person

Click Here for catering deliveries.



“The Cajun Sampler”
Jambalaya, Blackened Chicken or Catfish, Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread, or Hush Puppies with Tiger Sauce. $13.95/person plus tax/gratuity.

“All that Jazz”
All of the above plus Cajun Mac & Cheese (vegetarian): $16.95/person plus tax/gratuity.
Add Cajun Salad $17.95

“Mardi Gras”
All of the above plus add Crawfish to your Mac & Cheese, or change it to Crawfish Monique and choice of dessert! $19.95/person plus tax/gratuity.

“Bourbon Street Blast”
All of the above plus Crawfish Beignets $21.95/person plus tax/gratuity.

We can help you. We can prepare a portion of the Red Beans, Etouffée, or Pasta Monique vegetarian.

Jambalaya and Red Beans & Rice are gluten-free. So is Blackened Catfish or chicken.

Jemil cooks up lots of yummy Specials! Contact us for pricing.

•  Shrimp 'N Grits

•  Jemil's Fried Chicken

•  Pasta Monique Jemil's signature pasta dish —creamy cajun pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, crawfish and special cajun seasonings.

• Blackened Chicken Alfredo

•  Hoppin' John
• Chicken Beaux Bridge

• Chicken Piquant

•  Dirty Rice

•  Frogs Legs 'N Fritters

•  Alligator Balls

•  Alligator Gumbo

•  Fried Catfish Fingers w/ Sauce
• Chicken Piquant

• Creole Okra Stew

•  Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

•  Blackened Chicken Over Rice Florentine

•  Stuffed/Fried Catfish

•  Stuffed Soft Shell Crab



Appetizers Prices Per Piece except where indicated. If you have a per person budget we can work with you for a nice varied balance!

Blackened Shrimp Skewers 2.25
Gluten Free

Blackened Chicken Skewers 2.00
Gluten Free

Cajun Sliders 2.95
Pulled pork with Special Seasonings (hot) or Deli Meats and Cheeses
On Sweet Hawaiian Bread

Cajun Meatballs (2 per person) 2.25
Pork and Beef with Jemil’s Special Touch and Sauce

Bacon and Fig Tartlets 1.75
Our own House smoked Bacon and Fig Jam in a Tart Shell

Catfish Cakes with Herbed Mayo 2.00
Deep Fried Tasty Catfish Cakes with a Cajun Flair

Blackened Catfish Brushchetta 2.00
Blackened Catfish over Toasted Bread with Special Sauce

Jambalaya Pies 2.50
Creole Empanadas! Jambalaya Stuffed into a Pastry Pie and Fried.


Crawfish Beignets: 2.95
Jemil’s Award Winning Appetizer (Best Appetizer—Bite of Seattle)
Absolutely Delicious. Deep Fried, Savory! With Shrimp Sauce small extra charge.

Crawfish Pies 2.75
A New Orleans Favorite. Mini Crawfish Pies. Served in a pastry shell.


Bacon and Cheddar Grit Quiche 2.00
Our house smoked Bacon in a Grit Crust Quiche
Real Men do Eat This!

BBQ Shrimp on Grit Cakes 2.25
Delish. Little Savory Bites of the Best of NOLA. Shrimp and Grits. Gluten Free

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls with Crawfish Sauce ($3.00 per)

Creole SPICED Drumettes or Wings 1.75
It’s not a party without your chicken!
Gluten Free

Hush Puppies with Tiger Sauce 1.50 (2 per person)
Fried Savory Cornbread with a Spicy Tiger Sauce on the Side.
One of our most popular requests.


Andouille Baked Brie 3.50 per person

Assorted Cheese Platter 3.50 pp

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter 3.00 pp

Seasonal Fresh Crudités Platter with 2 Dressings 3.00 pp


Soul Roll (2 pieces with dipping sauce) 3.50
Black-eyed Peas and other Southern Vegetables rolled in an egg-roll wrapper and deep-fried.

Mache Choux on Cucumber or Crostini 2.00
New Orleans corn relish on Cucumber or Crostini
Cucumber Version Gluten Free

Muffaletta RELISH on Cucumber or Crostini 2.00
The taste of the Muffaletta gone vegetarian


Cajun Roasted Nuts 14.95 per pound

Cajun Pop Corn 6.99 per pound

Fried Hominy with Cajun Seasoning 6.99 per pound


Alligator Balls 3.00
Alligator Meat and Boudin Sausage in a Deep Fried Ball

Frogs Legs and Fritters Market price
Tasty Fried Frogs’ Legs with Hush Puppies and Sauce

Natchitoches Meat Pies 2.99
Beef and Potato Pies, a New Orleans local favorite!


Sweet Potato tartlets 1.75

Spicy Lemon Tarts 1.75

Tipsy Bread Pudding Bites with Whiskey Sauce 1.50

Mini Peach Cobblers 2.50

Bourbon Mini Comfort Cakes $2.50

White Cake Infused with Bourbon and Butter cream Frosting.

We Want the Truck!

It’s an impressive sight—a shiny, bright yellow truck loaded with all the trimmings will pull right up to your party. Then the fun really starts! Guests can step up to our award-winning restaurant on wheels (Best Food Truck, Seattle Weekly 2012, 2013, and Best of Western Wa 2013) and enjoy N’Awlins cooking at its finest, created by Chef Jemil Aziz. We can handle as many people as you can, heck, we serve a couple hundred for lunch every day so bring ‘em on. We'll stay for 2 hours or until everyone is fed and happy!

Price is for all your guests can eat off the truck! ALL YOU CAN EAT IS ALL YOU CAN EAT! Guests can have whatever, and as much as they like! We have lots of choices for vegetarians, and jambalaya, red beans, and the cajun sampler are gluten-free.



Price: $17/person plus 9.5% tax + 15% gratuity.

We have a $900 minimum to bring the truck Monday thru Thursday. If that's not in your budget, we can always drop off food (see option #1), or you can pick it up.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is a minimum of $1200. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the minimum is $2000 June thru August.

For an extra charge, we can bring platters of appetizers, too: Hush Puppies with Special Sauce, Blackened Catfish Bruschetta, Blackened Chicken or Shrimp Skewers with Sauce, Alligator Boudin Ball, and Crawfish Beignets. Prices start at $2/appetizer bite!

Note: the truck is 23 feet long and 7 feet wide, and we require a pretty flat parking area. Private parking is preferrable, since city parks and streets require permits. We charge $1.00 per mile for distances greater 25 miles from our kitchen.

Click Here to order the Truck!


Main dishes:

• Gumbo (chicken and sausage)
• Jambalaya (chicken and sausage)-- gluten-free.
• Red Beans & Rice (Chock full or ham!)--gluten-free.
• Etouffée over Rice (Blackened Chicken or Vegetarian)
• Po-Boy Sandwiches
  (Blackened Chicken,
  Fried Catfish,
   Blackened Shrimp, or Vegetarian. (For a small extra charge we can also bring crawfish, oyster, and soft-shell crab.)
• Catfish and Chips
• Chicken Basket
• Cajun Sampler Plate (Jambalaya, Red Beans, Piece of Blackened Chicken or Catfish)

If lots of kids are going to be at your event, let us know. We'll also bring Cajun Mac and Cheese!


CHOICE OF Cornbread, Fried Okra with Special Sauce, Cajun Fries, or Hush Puppies.

Dessert: (extra $3.00/person)

Tipsy Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, or Peach Cobbler.
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